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Schadenfreude Studios > Welcome > Hey guys what's going on?

ZHey guys what's going on?
  December 3, 2018 8:32 PM | Post #1

Stumbled across this little forum on Google. It looks dead, but I made an account anyways for the hell of it.
I saw on your YouTube channel that you (as of two days ago) like to play games. That's pretty neat. You ever play smash bros?

Also, nice forum. It's cool you made it all yourself.

ÂmesangRe: Hey guys what's going on?
  December 4, 2018 11:10 PM | Post #2
has lost the game

Welcome? Apologies for the late reply. Yeah, site's been dead for awhile; I've been mostly just using it as a collection of random, non-private personal stuff (like Dungeons & Dragons), so I never expected anyone to really sign up… at least not until I (eventually) get the site rebuilt (including obtaining a security certificate). I built it from scratch almost a decade ago (which is why the code is garbage) just to see if I could, but since then forums seem to have dropped out of favor for other forms of social media.

I've been playing SoulCalibur VI recently and the Xbox One's ability to take screenshots and video has made it easier to capture footage from the game, hence the minor updates to my YouTube page. I've played Smash Bros. before, but only at a friend's house so I'm not intimately familiar with it; Hell, until recently obtaining the Xbone I hadn't played any major games since my 360 Red Ringed three years ago…


ZRe: Hey guys what's going on?
  December 5, 2018 1:52 AM | Post #3

I'm guessing you were surprised when you saw somebody made an account? I know we don't know one another, but rest assured I'm just some friendly guy finding ways to pass time.

It's kind of sad that forums are dying. That's part of the reason I made an account here.
Then again, good riddance haha! VoIP programs like Skype and Discord are so much better for holding conversation.

Regarding your forum, I'm sure the code is fine. I cannot see it, but I'm sure it is very tidy, with all the code equally formatted and indented. And I bet it even has comments, too! Jokes aside, do you have any plans for this site in the future? Also, what does the name (schadenfreude) mean? I'm interested to hear what that is about.

I do not have an Xbox One, sadly. I do own a 360, but I have it put away. I'm more of a pc gamer these days. The computer is more convenient for me than a "console" would be. I also play a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links (desktop/mobile game), and you definitely should check it out ( I brought up smash because the newest game in that series drops on December 7th, and it's one of the few fighting games I'm familiar with.

I'm more than happy to continue this convo, if you'd like.

ÂmesangRe: Hey guys what's going on?
  December 5, 2018 4:30 PM | Post #4
has lost the game

Heh, the code is "clean" enough and has comments when necessary; the problem is I first learned website design back in the mid-90s before HTML was ever standardized, so it's some sort of hodge-podge of HTML3.2 and HTML4.01; I recently learned how to run different style sheets based on the dimensions of the device viewing the site, so when I do get around to it that'll allow me to create one variation that'll work well in "desktop" mode and a simplified, vertical-based variation that'll work well in "mobile" mode.

"Schadenfreude" is a German word meaning "taking pleasure in one's misery." I had a bit of a "goth" phase in my early twenties and couldn't think of any other name for the site, since at the time I had planned on showing off my meager artwork; I haven't drawn much of anything in years, however, and mostly keep this around to practice HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL/Javascript and the like, and as a convenient means of storing media.

Sometimes I think I should have bought SoulCalibur VI for the PC, but I also picked up the Xbox One because I needed a BluRay player (but, thinking back, I'm sure I could have gotten a cheap enough stand alone player).

The only Yu-Gi-Oh! video game I've played was a fairly simple game on the GameBoy Advance, but otherwise I haven't touched it or the actual card game in years (it got to be too expensive to keep up with).


WehRe: Hey guys what's going on?
  September 4, 2020 12:24 AM | Post #5

Well this looks like a lovely corner of the internet. I was directed here looking around forums while cooking up a D&D campaign. I see this site has been dead for some time now. Anybody still live here?

ÂmesangRe: Hey guys what's going on?
  September 8, 2020 2:52 PM | Post #6
has lost the game

Not really; right now it's serving as a repository for character creation "formulas" for SoulCalibur VI. =Þ The site's in desperate need for a rebuild, and while I can code just fine, it's the designing part I've always had trouble with…

I'd imagine you might have also clicked on a now dead link of something I had previously, since I had to dump my "dnd" and "backup" directories (apparently GoDaddy doesn't like it when sites are used for file storage).



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