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ÂmesangYou are challenged by Hex Maniac Tomoko!
  March 22, 2014 11:19 PM | Post #1
has lost the game

So I finally got around to watching "No Matter How I Look At It, It's Your Guys Fault I'm Not Popular!" …or WataMote for short (I'm not even going to bother to copy and past the full, original title).

A brief summary, it's about a girl named Tomoko who's entering high school and finding herself utterly alone and ignored, and the series goes through her numerous attemtps to stand out, be noticed, talk to people… a lot of the situations that socially awkward people have gone through during that period of life. This series, man… so many feels. Just watching her scene-by-scene is cringe worthy; one can't help but laugh and yet feel bad for laughing. I don't know, maybe I can enjoy this series because I was that socially awkward misfit in high school (except that I didn't even try to fit in, I just sat alone and drew the whole time).



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