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Schadenfreude Studios > Movies > What New Movies Do You Want to See?

ComeyoWhat New Movies Do You Want to See?
  March 31, 2012 1:38 AM | Post #1

As the title says, what new movies that are coming out do you want to see?

ÂmesangRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  March 31, 2012 4:46 PM | Post #2
has lost the game

The Avengers? I don't really pay attention to what's going in Hollywood, but I've known about this film ahead of time due to having watched Thor last year a couple of times (fun movie).

They're far from recent, but I would like to see some classic films like The Malteese Falcon, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Freaks!, and Cannibal Holocaust. I also have to wonder why I haven't gotten around to getting the special edition DVD of Highlander, yet. Shame on me!


ComeyoRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  April 1, 2012 4:20 AM | Post #3

I want to see Mirror Mirror (Snow White movie with Julia Roberts), American Reunion (American Pie series) and The Hunger Games.

I also want to see War Horse and Casablanca does sound interesting, too.

ÂmesangRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  May 19, 2012 12:03 AM | Post #4
has lost the game

So I've seen The Avengers and Dark Shadows recently.

The Avengers was.. pretty much what I expected it to be. A wild, fun, popcorn action flick that actually did a very good job of keeping each of the primary characters relevant to the plot while also keeping things simple for those who may not have seen the earlier films (as I said before, I had seen Thor, however I hadn't watched any of the other tie-ins like Iron Man, Captain America, or any of the Hulk films). The action was fantastic, the comedic elements were few but potent without overshadowing the drama, and the whole thing climaxed very well. A partial-post credit scene also nodded towards an infamous Marvel villain using not just the visuals but subtle dialogue, and the final post credit scene was both unexpected and fantastic (if not down right silly).

On the other hand, Dark Shadows was very... meh. That's it. As much as I enjoyed the show growing up (even though I don't remember a whole lot) I honestly couldn't stay engaged towards any of the characters or the overall plot. While the characters' appearances (especially Depp's make-up, although more "Nosferatu" than "Jonathan Frid") was well-done, I felt, and the visuals for the town and mansion were fantastic, the movie itself just seemed to be paced horribly. Disney's The Black Cauldron suffers from horrible pacing and even that film held my interest longer. I don't intend to sound off-putting since this post talks highly of an action film, but there are non-action films that I enjoy, as well, such as John Q and K-PAX. This one just didn't leave any lasting impact on my memory, sadly. Also, I couldn't help but feel that they reused some musical cues from Sweeney Todd. Seriously, I kept expecting the cast to start breaking into song now and then.


ComeyoRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  May 20, 2012 6:46 AM | Post #5

Well both Depp and Carter have been in three movies together (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sweeney Todd and Dark Shadows). Carter is great as Bellatrix in the Harry Potter series and I <3 Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow.

I haven't seen The Avengers or Dark Shadows yet. I was never into the show of Dark Shadows so I don't see the movie being a favorite but I'll still see it sometime.

Later this year (or maybe next year), a musical version of Les Mis is going to be coming out. I loved seeing the musical in the theatre and hope the movie is done well. Carter is in that as well. I have the book but have not read it yet.

ComeyoRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  November 1, 2012 11:05 PM | Post #6

I saw Frankenweenie over the weekend. It's cute and nicely done. There are some funny references to other horror movies and there are a couple of sad scenes that make you feel for Victor. Also, Sparky is just so adorable!

ReverendRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  December 25, 2012 5:06 PM | Post #7
Goblin King

I'm planning on watching the Hobbit this weekend or next. Happy Hollidays

Don't blame me for what my minions have done. Blame yourself for being the target.

ÂmesangRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  December 25, 2012 5:16 PM | Post #8
has lost the game

Ah, I caught that last Friday. Definitely a fun film, but the CGI is far more evident, especially with the orcs/goblins. Good luck trying to remember which dwarf is which, but as has been said in reviews that's a problem with the story itself, not the movie so much (it doesn't help when Tolkien gave many of them names that rhymed).


ÂmesangRe: What New Movies Do You Want to See?
  November 11, 2013 9:12 PM | Post #9
has lost the game

I forgot all about this thread…

So I watched Thor: The Dark World on the night of the 7th as a belated birthday treat, and I highly enjoyed it at the moment; it was visually beautiful with a lot of fun action scenes and, at the very least, could be considered a highly entertaining popcorn flick.

It wasn't the smartest, most thought-provoking film of the year, of course, and I do wish that the characters not named Thor and Loki had received a bit more depth during their screen time, especially the Big Bad who's name I cannot remember nor spell correctly. "By the way, there are Dark Elves and they have a universe-destroying super weapon. Just thought you'd like to know." Looking back at it days later it does feel mostly like a Thor/Loki buddy-cop scenario.

Still, I've no regrets; had I the means I'd imagine I'd go back and watch it all over again, just 'cause it the film overall gave me the same sense of elation that Thor and The Avengers did, and the mid-credits scene did get me pumped for the next phase of Marvel Movies (Helheim, just seeing Loki transition from one illusion to another was a hoot; I'm just wondering when he's going to cut off Sif's hair =Þ).

Even more belated is my opinion on Iron Man 3, of which my memories of are fading. From what I recall I actually enjoyed the focus falling more upon Tony Stark himself than his Iron Man armor, especially when it delved into his psyche and his vulnerable, human side; basically, seeing him as more than just a billionaire genius playboy philanthropist. Likewise I didn't actually mind the big reveal surrounding "The Mandarin" or, even, that temporary kid sidekick, but I did find that film's Big Bad to be severely underwhelming (especially since he reminded me of the kid selling The Encyclopædia Britannica two decades ago).


ÂmesangDo A Barrel Roll!
  December 14, 2013 6:00 AM | Post #10
has lost the game

Last night I went out to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

I actually liked the CGI a bit more in this one; I mean I'd still prefer the Orcs to be portrayed by dressed-up actors as with LotR, but at least they didn't look quite as fake as before. Smaug was very good, although darker than I expected (weren't his scales supposed to be a mix between red and gold?). I really didn't expect Beorn to look the way he did (I guess I always imagined him as having more of a Hagrid-look). Likewise I wasn't too keen on the Necromancer's appearance when he first pops up, but during his confrontation with Gandalf it worked much better.

To be honest I'm having some trouble remembering everything because it went from one little plot to another so quickly (kind of like my paragraph structure). That's the upside of reading a book; you can stop when you want and let yourself take it all in before continuing. Laketown looked very good, although the Master's companion reminded me too much of Gríma. Likewise I got a huge Loki-vibe out of Thranduil, and was also reminded of the epilogue to 8-bit Theater: "It's an Elven court. It's all viziers, and they're all assholes." I also thought that Bard looked more like Orlando Bloom than Orlando Bloom did. Speaking of whom, I have no real problem with him being there (he is Thranduil's boy, after all), or Tauriel, but all of that mess between her and Fili… or was it Kili? …confuses me considering what happens in the end. Unless what happens won't happen.

I don't know. I wish my thoughts were more cohesive, but I had to walk a few miles to the theater in less than 30°F weather and I think I've got a cold, now. Also saw a Teenage Mutant Ninja Raccoon on my way back… hope it kept warm.


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